We are in no rush here at Massproductions, because being slow is not necessarily a bad thing. At Massproductions we take pride in thinking twice before releasing a new piece of furniture onto the market. Even if that means that we develop only a few products every year. The idea behind many of our designs have been developed and refined over many years before going into production. Simply, because then you get the best product, and the slow build up usually gives you the best satisfaction. By taking our time, we can make sure that we produce our furniture from the best material and in the most energy-efficient way possible. That, and a design that withstand the test of time.

“Making products will always mean an imprint on the environment, to say something else is hypocritical. For us, it has been important and interesting to investigate what imprint we make and to find methods and processes to reduce this.”


Dive into the mind of Massproductions CEO, Magnus Elebäck, as he shares insights into the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Read the interview here!



Massproductions manufactures its entire collection in Europe, most of the production is based in southern Sweden and north-western Poland. Our products adhere to EU environmental standards and industry certifications, to ensure that both the highest environmental and social standards are followed throughout our supply chain. The terms include social responsibility, quality assures the conditions prevailing during production and relates to human rights, labour law issues, environment and corruption. Our sub suppliers are personally visited and audited on a weekly basis by a management member from Massproductions, making sure all terms are fulfilled. Discover the production at three of our five main suppliers below.




Massproductions aim to have as efficient and as environmentally friendly packaging and transport as possible. We are working to reduce the sizes of our packaging as well as plastic and pallet use in our shipments to save space and ship with lighter cargo.

Our warehouse is in the middle of Poland, which gives Massproductions a logistic advantage as we are sending goods all over the world – primary Europe. When delivering goods within the Europe we are sending full trucks as often as we can with small exceptions. Massproductions goal is to optimize and plan our supply chain to reduce our carbon impact.

Massproductions’ Face Lift is a concept that aims to simplify the care and restoration of customers’ existing furniture. The Face Lift concept includes a global network of recommended upholsterers, but also several guides on how to best preserve and care for furniture made of different materials.

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In late 2020 Massproductions began to account for the CO2 emissions of our full catalogue range. We initiated this process with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to develop a tool for identifying the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of our furniture. Three aspects of the production process were identified as emission contributors: materials, electricity, and transport. Since then, we have continued this work together with the danish company Målbar.

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