BackOdette Stool H700

from 1 142 $

The bars stools have matching bases and foot rests, and upholstered cushions.

Odette Stool H700

from 1 142 $

The bars stools have matching bases and foot rests, and upholstered cushions.

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Width: 370 mm
Depth: 370 mm
Weight: 11 kg
Seat Height: 700 mm


  • Year of release: 2009
  • Designer: Chris Martin

For cleaning of metal surfaces, advantageously use a detergent, or mild pH neutral detergent and lukewarm water in a well wrung cloth. Then wipe off with clean water and wipe dry.
To preserve the look and finish you should be aware not to use:
– Alkaline or aggressive cleaners,
– Solvent
– Preparations containing abrasives,
– Abrasive tools.
Remember not to let the cleaners or other liquids on the surface for long. For furniture and surfaces for use in public spaces, it is also important to remember not to use disinfectants that contain a high concentration of alcohol or alkaline substances, such as 70% alcohol. There are disinfectants that can be advantageously used, but that does not affect the painted / varnished surface appreciably. Note that freshly painted surfaces are susceptible to scratching. Surface final resistance is only achieved after about a month. Tape and other foreign substances such as, for example, adhesive and moisturizers can soften the treated surface and cause peeling /paint drop.

  • Seat height:
  • Top size:
  • Base size:
  • Weight: 12 kg / 26.46 lb
  • Volume:
Odette Stool H700

The Odette series comprises bar stools and tables, suitable for hotels, restaurants and homes.

Odette collection

About the collection

Odette is about doing something very small, a gesture, that has a big impact. By twisting the footrest Chris Martin created something that looks both intriguing and strong. The twisted footrest allows your feet to rest comfortably in different positions and the upholstered seat gives a softness to the design.

The Odette collection’s strong base makes it suitable for public spaces. Since 2015, 680 Odette stools can be found at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Even though they are used 24 hours a day with over 26 million passengers each year, to this day only two stools have been in need of repair.