BackFerric Table 3970×1000

from 9 023 $

Ferric is a sturdy table made from solid materials for work, meetings and dining. The tabletops are available in a variety of wood finishes and the bases are in painted steel.

Ferric Table 3970×1000

from 9 023 $

Ferric is a sturdy table made from solid materials for work, meetings and dining. The tabletops are available in a variety of wood finishes and the bases are in painted steel.

Overseas Blue base - Black Stained Oak top
Overseas Blue base - Natural Oak top
White base - Black Stained Oak top
White base - Natural Oak top
Wine Red base - Black Stained Oak top
Wine Red base - Natural Oak top
Ivory base - Natural Oak top
Ivory base - Black Stained Oak top
Black base - Natural Oak top
Black base - Black Stained Oak top
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Width: 3970 mm / 156.3 inch
Depth: 1000 mm / 39.37 inch
Height: 730 mm / 28.70 inch

  • Year of release: 2015
  • Designer: Chris Martin

For cleaning of surfaces, advantageously use a detergent, or mild pH neutral detergent and lukewarm water in a well wrung cloth. Then wipe off with clean water and wipe dry.
To preserve the look and finish you should be aware not to use:
– Alkaline or aggressive cleaners,
– Solvent
– Preparations containing abrasives,
– Abrasive tools.
Remember not to let the cleaners or other liquids on the surface for long. For furniture and surfaces for use in public spaces, it is also important to remember not to use disinfectants that contain a high concentration of alcohol or alkaline substances, such as 70% alcohol. There are disinfectants that can be advantageously used, but that does not affect the painted / varnished surface appreciably. Note that freshly painted surfaces are susceptible to scratching. Surface final resistance is only achieved after about a month. Tape and other foreign substances such as, for example, adhesive and moisturizers can soften the treated surface and cause peeling /paint drop.

  • Seat height:
  • Top size:
  • Base size:
  • Width: 1040 mm / 40.94 inch
  • Length: 2540 mm / 100 inch
  • Height: 70 mm / 2.76 inch
  • Weight: 67 kg / 147.71 lb
  • Volume:
Traceability  icon Traceability

Packaging for this product is FSC certified. Massproductions are also connected and contribute to FTI, the Swedish collection system for recycling packaging to support the recycling industry.

Certified Quality  icon Certified Quality

This product has been tested and certified in accordance with European furniture standards that comply with Möbelfakta requirements for Surface durability. This includes the assessment of surface resistance to liquids and scratches. Penetration of the coating under scratch test is not accepted. Test liquids include water, Paraffin oil, coffee, acid or alkaline perspiration. Please see downloads for full test results and certificates.

VOC Free  icon VOC Free

This product is produced with a top-quality powder coat with zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means it meets the most stringent environmental requirements, including the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification system, MPI Green Performance™ Standard for paints and coatings, and GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) and similar green guidelines and regulations. Please see downloads for certificates. 

Ferric Table 3970×1000

“I had an idea of assembly behind it, almost like Meccano, a sort of metal Lego that everyone played with when I was young. It was logical to turn it into a system that can be assembled by hand, and at the same time be extended and joined together for longer tables.”
- Chris Martin

Ferric Table 250×90 collection

About the collection

The name, Ferric, refers to the Latin word for iron and the table itself is a celebration of iron work. Here metal plates are bolted together with cross braces, much like the ones you find on bridges. The legs consist of iron profiles and plates, which combines perfectly with the tabletop in natural wood.

The wooden top rests on a steel frame carefully optimized for stability and sustainability. The metal structure gives the table its solidity and a lot of work went into the making the connections beautiful and considered. Even small details such as the wingnuts are powder coated to match the frame colour.