Massproductions' guide to Södermalm

Södermalm is an area with many stories to tell. With both Massproductions Works and our Headquarter in the area, we invite you to explore the gems we love!

Södermalm is an area with many stories to tell. With both Massproductions Works and our Headquarter in the area, we invite you to explore the gems we love!

Massproductions Works on Östgötagatan 29C
Massproductions showroom and store. Stop by for a coffee and explore the Massproductions collection and limited items available in store.

Nitty Gritty, Krukmakargatan 24-26
Independent multi brand store and showroom with a carefully curated assortment consists of emerging designers mixed with well-established and respected fashion labels.

The blooming street Östgötagatan, further up from Massproductions Works.

Bleck, Lilla Blecktornsparken, Katarina Bangata 68
Small dishes and great wine list sitting on our Jig Chairs, with a view overlooking the park.

Konst-ig Bookstore, Åsögatan 124 
A tightly curated book store focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture, design and photography.

Riche Fenix, Götgatan 40
The latest hotspot for after work drinks or dining.

“Delicious Japanese street food and a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous sushi restaurants, all served with great politeness by the staff against a background of obscure rock music. I’ve been to Japan a few times and the food is great, MamaWolf is the closest you can get to being there.”

– Chris Martin,
Designer in Chief

About MamaWolf

Kaffe, Sankt Paulsgatan 17
Italian coffee with bitter espressos and creamy lattes, the perfect mix between an Italian espresso bar and a Swedish cafe.

Herr Judit, Hornsgatan 65
Secondhand with selected designer items and rare vintage garments.

MamaWolf, Krukmakargatan 1
Our best tips to get local Japanese food with a unique menu, specialized own recipes with local ingredients.



Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Bondegatan 70
A Stockholm-based gallery founded in 2008 by Jeanette Steinsland and Jacob Kampp Berliner with the intention of creating an open and imaginative space for contemporary art.

“My go to place when I need a reminder that I’m a British. This pub has a great atmosphere which is at least in part down to the wall to wall carpeting which is a rarity in Stockholm. The corner seat is the best spot, where me and Magnus have had many long and pleasant furniture discussions.”

– Chris Martin,
Designer in Chief

Half Way Inn, wedenborgsgatan 6

Crum Heaven, Högbergsgatan 38-40
Art space & Espresso bar.

Stora Skuggan, Östgötagatan 18
Our neighbour, Stora Skuggan is a Stockholm-based perfume studio inspired by history, mysticism, architecture and pop culture. Stora Skuggan merges curious fascinations to create truly distinct olfactory experiences.

Svedjan, Brännkyrkagatan 88 
This classic place has a small but ambitious range of buns, bread and cakes baked on flour from Warbro Kvarn. Here you can find one of Stockholm’s best Semla, ask your local Swede for more information about the semla…

Wood Stockholm, Krukmakargatan 1
A restaurant where flavors and meetings are created without regard to traditional boundaries.