Gridlock Shelving System

“ I wanted to create a shelving system entirely in wood. A friend had asked if I knew of such a system, which made me think that maybe something was missing for shelving customers ”

– Chris Martin

A high-quality shelving system made from FSC-certified ash wood, with shelves that can be customised according to your needs.


Our Gridlock configurator offers the option to customise your Gridlock to your needs.

In addition to the shelves which are available in two depths, Gridlock also offers a desk component to create a complete workspace. 

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”It looks simple, but it took a few years to complete. Ensuring that all connections and details work, finding the right type of production, approving that the system can be easily assembled by customers and also accommodate features that will be added in the future”

– Chris Martin

Gridlock is available in three different finishes: natural, white, as well as black-stained ash. The system is available in several pre-configured options, however, we have a configurator for those looking for a custom solution.