Waiter Chair in the new Ultramarine Blue colour at Mäster Anders in Stockholm

October 15 – 2021
Written by Sanna Fehrman

Waiter XL Armchair photographed at the traditional brasserie Mäster Anders located at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Waiter Chair is a comfortable chair for long dinners at home or in a restaurant. Its simple design is specially adapted to meet the needs of waiters and guests alike.

Massproductions’ “Waiter” chair collection is designed and specially adapted to meet both waiters and diners needs alike. Now the Waiter XL Chair and Waiter XL Armchair are relaunched in a new Ultramarine Blue colour. The chairs was photographed at the traditional brasserie Mäster Anders, located at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. 

Restaurant Mäster Anders in Stockholm is a traditional brasserie that has its roots back to the end of the 17th century. Since 1905 the restaurant has been located in Kungsholmen, where the classic interior and atmosphere have been preserved with with original tiled floors and tiled yellow walls.

“Waiter is an ordinary, simple wooden chair, something that is harder to find than you think. For us, Waiter became a tribute to the world’s serving staff for the gastronomic experiences they give us and for their humble service” 

– Chris Martin,

Waiter was born with the idea of ​​creating a chair adapted to the serving staff’s needs and movement patterns – but which was at the same time comfortable for the guest who wants to sit for a long period. 

The rear legs of the Waiter and Waiter XL are designed with a slight angle to the underside of the chair to minimize the risk of tripping.


In the 1920s the Duke of Windsor wore a midnight blue tuxedo for a softer expression and alternative to the conventional black suit. He also realized that subtle bespoke details, such as buttons and pockets looked better on a midnight blue tuxedo in black and white photographs. The colour of the tuxedo was said to be blacker than black in artificial light, but navy blue in daylight.

Waiter XL in its new Ultramarine Blue colour will vary with different light settings. For restaurant’s lunch guests, the chair will be perceived in a grain blue tone and for the dinner guest in a deep dark blue bordering on black.

” The very core values of the Waiter chair are humility and serviceability. We felt it deserved some attention by dressing up in a vibrant but dignified colour. We found the colour in the spectrum between the Duke of Windsor’s tuxedo, an Yves Klein sculpture and natural indigo pigment.” 

– Magnus Elebäck,
CEO and Creative Director

About the Waiter Collection

The Waiter XL, which is part of the collection, has more prescence and increased comfort with its wider seat and optional armrests. The Waiter collection currently consists of five designs: Waiter Chair, Waiter Bar Stool, Waiter XL Side Chair, Waiter XL Armchair and Waiter XL Easy Chair. The series is made of European FSC certified wood and, despite its compact design, is both strong and stable. The new colour Ultramarine Blue is now available in Waiter XL Armchair and Waiter XL Chair.