The transparency project

april 21 – 2021
Written by Sanna Fehrman

In late 2020 Massproductions began working on an extensive project to investigate our environmental imprint, we call it The Transparency Project.

In late 2020 Massproductions began working on an extensive project, with the working title The Transparency Project.

Massproductions initial step in the investigation consisted of documenting and collecting information from the company’s sub-suppliers. The result is presented here, where Massproductions reports on the environmental and social standards of its suppliers. 

Step two in the process is to account for the CO2 emissions of their full product range. In this process Massproductions have initiated a collaboration with KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), to develop a tool for identifying the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of their furniture. Three aspects of the production process were identified as emission contributors: materials, electricity, and transport.The CO2 calculation is expected to be completed later this year, but will from now on be presented continuously throughout the year. Today Massproductions can present data for four of our products; Rose Chair, Harry, Tio, and Icha Chair.

Making products will always mean an imprint on the environment, to say something else is hypocritical. For us, it has been important and interesting to investigate what imprint we make and to find methods and processes to reduce this. The tools we have developed will follow us into each new development process, even if it, in our case, only involves two to three new products per year.”

– Magnus Elebäck,
CEO & CO-founder