MMMTV at 3daysofdesign 2024

MMMTV is a tribute to the 90s television culture, an era that has significantly influenced many of the products in our collection

Fifteen years since its launch in 2009, the experiment that we know as Massproductions continues to thrive. Our mission to deliver exciting, thought-provoking, and relevant furniture with lasting appeal to a wide audience remains steadfast.

At 3daysofdesign 2024, we presented our latest pieces: the ‘Patch’ sofa system and the ‘Woodwerk’ chair. These additions reflect our ongoing commitment to merging form, function and aesthetic appeal. Alongside these new products, we also showcased a curated selection from our back catalogue, highlighting the evolution and enduring relevance of our designs.

“Please rewind! Here at 3daysofdesign we’ve created this vaguely nostalgic installation inspired by the time when the VHS allowed us to break free from linear TV. Which of course also allowed us spend a lot more time in the sofa.”

–  Magnus Elebäck, CEO and co-founder at Massproductions

The MMMTV installation was a nostalgic nod to the 90s television era, highlighting the TV dinner concept. Visitors could enjoy a VHS-based installation while lounging in the comfort of the Patch sofa system, the best companion for modern TV dinners. The versatile configurations of Patch make it ideal for enjoying both entertainment and food, capturing comfort and togetherness.

The Woodwerk chair was previewed. And as any furniture nerd knows, curved backrests don’t mesh well with strict, geometric wooden chairs. Woodwerk addresses this conundrum with a direct and pragmatic approach: the chair maintains its formal integrity without sacrificing comfort. By rotating through its back legs, the wooden elements of Woodwerk unite in a harmonious manner, solving a problem that has been on the mind of its designer, Chris Martin, for years.

During the week we launched the Buffer book end in pink in collaboration with the store Storm in Copenhagen. This special edition features pink, the signature color of Storm.

“We have always been very open and curious in the way we think and work. An open mind towards different types of companies and new ways of collaborating has been one of the stimulating factor for us a company. The year of 2024 we’ve dedicated to our 30 years anniversary so naturally we wanted to celebrate this by working together with our dear neighbors who share the same passion for design”, says Rasmus Storm, Owner & Founder of Storm.”

–  Rasmus Storm, Owner & Founder of Storm

“Above all a sofa system should be something you look forward to sitting in, a place of refuge and comfort to enjoy with family, friends and strangers. I believe we have captured that feeling with Patch in its various and limitless configurations.”

–  Chris Martin, Designer-in-Chief and founder of Massproductions

Photographed by Ditte Auguste Mørkholt. The installation was designed by Massproductions together with Figur. 

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